Facebook At $38? Nice, But Dry Powder Is Better

Capital Is Key To High-Conviction Trading. Get Some!

Get Ready, Traders!

Look for our next TRADE ALERT tomorrow night unless something absolutely crazy happens. Wall Street’s mood has stabilized but there’s still plenty of upside to capture on the bounce. The short sellers flinched.

That’s our opportunity . . . although speed matters. Delay even a minute, the odds of missing the sweet spot of the rebound (the “inflection point”) start adding up. To capture the gain, you need to be liquid and ready to go.

It’s a far cry from the world where most of us are fully invested and living from trade to trade. When all your cash is tied up in the business or the monthly bills, you sacrifice big flexibility. Even $10,000 to play with outside retirement accounts, real estate and everything else going on in your life can make a huge impact on your life.

Did you ever wish you’d bought Facebook stock when Mark Zuckerberg was borrowing money from friends, family, and the Winklevoss twins?  When it went public at $38 per share? How rich would you be now?

How about bitcoin?  Remember when it cost $350.00 per bitcoin?

Maybe you recognize those opportunities when they knock and maybe you go through life blind. I do a lot of work trying to open your eyes to the upside where I see it. But even if you see the opening, it’s worthless without the cash on hand to jump on it.

Mark Zuckerberg offers you Facebook at $38 a share . . . but you have to act NOW. How big is the truck you can back up to that offer? Do you get 30 shares? 300? 3,000?

And then you need to wait for the position to mature. If you’re not liquid, it’s tempting to cash in that stock early and leave BIG money on the table. Hedge funds go bust this way all the time when markets turn against them . . . they need cash to repay their shareholders, so they sell good stocks on the dip.

They should be BUYING. But they need the money. Their pain is our delight a lot of the time. 

Get cash where you can to pay the bills. Grow a business. Handle the mortgage. Fund retirement. There are ways to fund the business in particular . . . invest in yourself, get the cash you deserve.

Very few people understand how to get business credit and the business credit cards, lines and loans you can have when you’ve built it.

It’s like a closely guarded secret.

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 Happy, Happy, Happy Trading!





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