Big Thrills Coming, Stay Alert

Next Message From Me Could Be Our Score Of The YEAR 


Rally On, Traders!


Looking at the stocks on our list it’s clear that the day-to-day action has been pointing to something bigger. Stay in the game!


I’m tracking every wobble on these little charts. When we see one signal its victory lap, I’ll tell you it’s GO TIME.


Stay close to your email. If I’ve dropped off your radar, make sure my messages are going straight to the inbox, no filters.


After all, I’d hate for you to watch all the warm-up exercises and then miss the big game because you didn’t see the alert.


Which one of our focus plays moves first? Hard to say.


Could be the baby oil stock running rings around Exxon, could be one of the social stocks. You have all the likely suspects.


Timing is up in the air. Could be as early as tomorrow morning.


In that scenario, fortune will favor early birds who can connect the dots FAST.


Whatever happens, I’m here for you. Get ready. Get some sleep. Satisfaction could be huge… but it favors the nimble.


Happy, Happy, Happy Trading!





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