Are You Watching This Extreme Video Play Wiggle?


Hundreds Of MILLIONS Of Kids Are Watching, Grown-Up Potential Sighted


Rally On, Traders!



Online “sports” used to be just video games. Now people who talk about them are racking up million-dollar YouTube careers.


Kids grew up on these channels. And now that the Millennials are parents, THEIR kids are tuning in by the millions. Big money here!


And remember “millennial MTV” QYOU Media Inc. (QYOUF)? They’re right there at the center of it, rolling out “e-sports” shows around the world.


Now’s where the buzz can turn into serious bounce action:




This one’s all about news flow. Start with QYOUF’s ability to reach 300 MILLION kids where they hang out.


That’s trains, phone screens, everywhere on the go. Countries like India, the Netherlands, the UK. Canada and the USA, of course.


Company like SnapChat only has 187 million users and it’s got an $18 BILLION market cap. Spotify, 70 million subscribers for $26 BILLION.


And here’s little QYOUF, with 2-4 times the reach, down here at start-up price. They’ve barely started monetizing that audience. Big room to grow.


But the growth is coming fast. They showed 77% revenue expansion last quarter. They’re taking in $17,000 a DAY and if that ramp holds . . . WOW.


Right now the sports are a lot of the growth. They just signed across Eastern Europe. They’re already racking up views in USA and Canada.


Back when the current QYOUF management team took their first baby (MTV) public, that company was only doing $60 million a year in sales.


That channel was worth $225 million at the time, so 3.5X on the multiple. A year later, Big Media takes it out. Triple-the-money exit!


Now QYOUF isn’t a $60 million run rate yet. But from its potential, is it really worth 1/1000 of Snapchat . . . with DOUBLE the audience?


Squeeze just $0.20 more out of each QYOUF viewer, you’ve got $60 million in annual sales. I saw somewhere that that’s beyond “breakeven,” too.


It’s simple math. Attract enough money to cover one QYOUF share from each viewer, suddenly you’re looking at a massive success story in the wings.



Happy, Happy, Happy Trading!






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